Friday, April 12, 2019

My Best Me

I am mostly my best when I have a baby in my arms. I’m tired, my glasses are dirty, my hair and makeup aren’t done, but babies and toddlers (and most kids in general) don’t care. I love them though. Love the snuggles, the way their minds soak up everything, the way they laugh. I love comforting them when they cry, and teaching them new things.

I’m not getting much writing done these days, but you know what, I’m planting seeds of faith in little gardens. They may grow up and read my words someday, and hopefully they’ll do it because they remember that I loved them well...and I hope I love them the best He will let me.

It’s just a few more weeks of this crazy schedule, then things will slow down to be more reasonable. Then maybe the words will come more fluidly and I’ll have the time to write them down. For now I’ll remember what Jesus said about the children, and I’ll love every moment He gives me with them.
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