Thursday, May 21, 2020

Counting 1000 Gifts 2020 Continues...(512-530)

Counting 1000 Gifts 2020: 512 I’m learning so much in this season...lessons, facts, skills, it’s all learning.
I learned today that 513 people who have a great need have to see the need met first, then you can share Jesus with them. 514 Jesus always met people’s needs first. 515 When folks are in crisis they can’t listen. They can’t get past their neediness.
I’m 516 learning the difference between different options in self-publishing an ebook. I want to do something with my 517 photography in a 518 simple devotional of encouragement and prayer, and printing it doesn’t make sense. But an ebook🤔 Hmm. Something to pray about.
519 We learned last night that if you bring jump ropes to turn 520 Double Dutch, 521 kids will learn it. 522 And parents too! I’m afraid my DD jumping days are over (I tried!) but we have ended the past 2 days on so much 523 laughter with jumping ropes and 4 kids and more parents in our neighborhood. It makes my heart full!
And the 524 hydrangeas! Last year the 525 oak leaf didn’t bloom, this year we are 526 creatively staking them up. And 3 of the 527 others that are blooming are all different colors! Pink. Purple. Orchid. I had to remove the fountain up front, and the 528 delphiniums I planted in its place are blooming. Beautiful! The 529 mums will be blooming by week’s end, and everything is so 530 green and lovely.


  1. Marina, your words are encouraging and your photos of the greenery and flowers from your yard are beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Linda Lou! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply. There have been several changes on Google/Blogger this summer, and I just now found your comment!
      Have a blessed day!


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