Sunday, August 2, 2020

Wanting the Healer

Old words that still ring true today...and should every day. As we get older maybe we see this play out even more, desiring more of Jesus despite whether or not the healing comes and knowing that even the momentary healings only bridge us to the next crisis of the body, or emotions, or disappointment in general.
“It goes against human nature to say that I'm going to find joy in hardship. When you discover the joy of resting in the peace of who Jesus is, you can be disappointed, but it doesn't shake your peace in Him. There is a way that you experience Christ in the valley that continually reminds you He is near. We become more aware and more available to Him. He gives us access to His unmovable peace.” - Natalie Grant 

As I read the Jesus Calling Kids devotion to the grands last night, we talked about how God is ALWAYS near to us. They grasped the biblical truth easily and spoke candidly about how we can apply it in our life. 

Shortly afterwards, I thought of this song, and how in my daily life, do I always want God so near? 

He knows my every action, reaction, my thoughts deep within. They don’t always bring honor to Him. Sometimes they even embarrass me. 

Yet He knows them all. 

How quickly I can ask God for healing, for provisions, for our list of wants, but do I often ask Him for more of Him? 
“I know if You wanted to You could wave Your hand
Spare me this heartache and change Your plan
And I know any second You could take my pain away
But even if You don't I pray

Help me want the Healer more than the healing
Help me want the Savior more than the saving
Help me want the Giver more than the giving
Help me want You Jesus more than anything”

More Than Anything, Sam and Becca Mizell, sung by Natalie Grant
Perspective. Selfishness. Wanting more of the world more than Heavenly things, when I should want more of Jesus first. 


When I was a new believer I spoke about Jesus being my “first love” and intentionally gave my heart to Him. Over and over, sometimes even moment by moment. Repent, confess, repeat. 

Years of being a wife and a mom and distracted (jobs, hobbies, even church and ministry!) allowed me to shove Jesus to the side and pretty soon the “loveseat of my heart” held more “other stuff” than Jesus. It looked more like a sectional, and a crowded one at that! Jesus was still nearby, but it was as if my prayers were Christmas wish-lists and I was a selfish kid. 

I recognized some time ago that this needed to change, and God changed my prayers to include “YOUR will be done, God.” Always His will in my life. I want His will in the lives of those around me, in catastrophic situations and small storms, always, only His will. 

I want MORE of JESUS, and His will in my life, and in yours too. Not good health, not fortune or fame, not nice stuff, just what He wants for me, and it always starts with more of Jesus. 


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