Thursday, September 10, 2020

Happy Book Birthday, Morning Meditations! You're ONE!

 Happy Book Birthday to me!

Looking back I get caught up in how my book didn’t launch the way I’d planned or wanted. Unforeseen things kept popping up at the end, but ultimately it was God’s plan, not mine, and I’m ok with that. It was a learning curve with a publisher (and for the publisher too, I believe, one of their first NF books), and none of it was the way I thought it would go. I can liken it to a premature birth!
All in all the book continues to sell, and folks leave reviews (Amazon, BookBub, Goodreads, etc; if you have read it please feel free to leave one!) and mostly I’m blessed to know that it has encouraged people in their walk with God, because THAT is why I wrote it in the first place.
So Happy Book-Birthing Day! 🥳
Morning Meditations at Marina's Kitchen Table: A Devotional Memoir
Ps- I *may* be book-prego again, but I have no idea when I am due...hehe, or what format I may go this time. I’m working with color photography and may do an ebook only using iBooks or another non-print platform... If you have any experience or opinions, please let me know!

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