Thursday, October 8, 2020

Happy Fall Y'all...

It’s been an odd week. My spirit has been positive and forward-thinking, not dwelling on the past (as in years past). There’s been days to pull me back...the anniversary of my mother’s passing, a late grandmother’s birthday, my own birthday approaching, and soon the anniversary of my father’s death, my first granddaughter’s birthday (and not getting to celebrate with her, again), a time change. I can find all sorts of reasons to push October right off the calendar! And yet here I am, living day to day, pushing myself out of bed on cooler mornings (the hardest thing in the world for me, made harder), and looking ahead to create content, seek God’s Word and His purpose in the words I write, and the colors, and even set myself up and give permission to craft a little bit. What’s up with all that?!?

A few years ago I was stuck in a bad relationship with October. To be honest, it would start in June with the Summer Solstice, my mom’s birthday. As the sunlight began to slip away into late summer’s shadows, my joy would slip away too. By the time October rolled over on my calendar, it would hit me with some of these defining days and I was ready to pull the covers up and hibernate until the Winter Solstice (when the sun would start adding minutes on again). My moods and emotions worked like clockwork, my own Stonehenge.
photo by Marina J Bromley, all rights reserved.
Then one year, for no known reason to me, I decided that I could take it all back. No more depths of despair. I wanted these warm summer days for myself, so I forged a new neuron path in my brain to celebrate the changing of the shadows, the approaching of Fall, and the remembrance of those days that were the anchor to my hibernation. It was not easy, and some days I have to shake the sleep off my mind (it’s become my drug of choice!), but I’m keeping at it!
I don’t know if anyone else can relate to what I’m saying here, but if you understand, I want to walk through this with you! We can overcome the negativity of cooler weather and the shorter days. We can wake up in the dark and stay up in the dark and lead productive lives. We can cheer each other on to plow past the memorial days, and the holidays, and not give an inch to the debilitating weights that seek to hold us back and down. We can be happy, joy-filled even, and have enough to spill over into other people’s lives around us. Let’s do this!
Happy Fall Y’all!

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