Sunday, July 4, 2021

Celebrating Freedom

The past few years I’ve seen our demonstrated love of country surpass our demonstrated love of God. Elections, International sports competitions, politics in general…all seem to bring out the “love of country” in us.

I’m the daughter of immigrants. Most of us are, if we go back far enough, and it’s only God’s grace that placed our parents here when we were born. We really are blessed.
But do we deserve to be blessed more than other nations? My heart breaks when I think of the borders within where the name “Jesus” is unknown. I want them to be blessed with knowledge of THE God who loves them so much that He gave His own Son for our sins. I want them to receive true freedom…yes maybe some political and personal freedom, but mostly eternal, spiritual freedom.

Can we learn from their needs? From their spiritual poverty? Absolutely.

When we put our hearts into selfish endeavors, we become enslaved to those things... not free to live as God desires us to. Whatever we put into our hands becomes our idol. I’ve seen some people spend more on their fireworks and 4th of July celebrations than what they would give to God annually. They are celebrating the wrong thing.
Let's celebrate our freedom in Christ, no matter where we are geographically, politically, or economically... Our hearts are not limited to these things if Jesus holds it! Celebrate Jesus!
And let’s pray for the other countries. Let’s remember the people living in harsher circumstances, surviving atrocities we can not imagine. These countries don’t have to all be like “the United States of America.” God dwells in these places as much as He dwells here. He loves their citizens as much as us…Jesus died for them too.

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  1. The United States is not special but it is unique. This nation was established in covenant with Almighty God. The United States shows us - in the natural - a peek into what God’s Kingdom is all about. People from every tribe and language living together. If the people come to the United States from across the world and learn of salvation through Christ Jesus, they can share the Good News with others from their ethnic background. That was the plan . . . spread the news to the entire world about God, His Kingdom and entering in through Jesus.

    Who would benefit most from shutting down our nation? It is a spiritual battle first. Stop the spread of the Good News of Salvation through Christ Jesus. How? By destroying the nation in the physical. Causing strife and division. Refocusing away from God’s plan.

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom he has chosen as his heritage! (Psalm 33:12)


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